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Few important questions with Pradeep Singh


These question definitely arises once in every UPSC Aspirants mind. And getting up is also natural. Who has taken such a big decision to prepare for the best exams like UPSC.

What to read and what not to read for IAS Examination?

A statement is very popular for this exam, all things under this sky should be known about them. But you should only know what to study and what to leave for this exam. Otherwise we loss our valuable tile by looking here and there.

What is the right way to read for UPSC Exam?

This exam is not at all like the general examination of the rest of the school college where we hit the RATTA and write in the paper and pass with EXTENSION MARKS. Your ability to understand thinking is tested in UPSC test, how you think, how to solve problems is tested. So for him, studies are also done differently.

How answer in UPSC main exam?

In this, the rest of the exam is also taken along with your optional subject, and according to me, this exam is very important. I am not saying that the rest of the exam is not necessary, but this exam requires a lot of hard work, how to write an answer, how much time, according to which and how to write it all requires a lot of hard work, Because UPSC never directly asks direct questions.

How We plan for Interview

Your personality is tested in this. How do you present yourself to the interviewer? What qualities are needed for this examination, which defects have to be removed, you should know all these.

Which is the best IAS/UPSC Coaching in Kolkata?

If you have money, then coaching is not a big deal, any coaching institute should join but If you belong to Kolkata then I prefer KavishIAS. KavishIAS is the best IAS/UPSC coaching in Kolkata having top quality of mentors and teachers like Amit Sir.

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