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Is Kolkata better choice for IAS/UPSC Coaching

for IAS Aspirants

Yes it’s a fact that Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru are the favourite coaching destinations for most of the IAS/UPSC aspirants and in my opinion they are not wrong but today Kolkata is not behind from these cities. The craze of Kolkata among the IAS/UPSC exam aspirants is growing rapidly and specially for those who are from Eastern of part of India like Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Asam – “Kolkata is the First Choice”.

In this article I’ll show you my opinion on Kolkata for IAS/UPSC coaching destination as a regular aspirant just like you. So, by the end of this you’ll be able to decide by yourself that Kolkata is a better choice for IAS/UPSC Coaching or not. Also how can we forget the first Indian Satyendranath Tagore who qualified ICS was a resident of West Bengal also.

Why Kolkata is the Best for IAS/UPSC Coaching?

Before finding answer of is kolkata the better choice for UPSC/IAS coaching or not lets understand the parameters on which you decide it better or not.

Best Environment for Study and Living

Kolkata is not only famous for its culture but also the stability of the inclusive social structure also. You must have heard that in Meghalaya locals are raising their voice against the people who are not local, in Assam communal riot. But at the same time there no such incident, infact most non-bengalis are living in West Bengal without any tension. These things must be considered before moving to any place.

You need a completely hassle free environment to crack this most prestigious examination. Because we have stable state government and bengalis are known for their inclusive nature. So, you can live here without any worry and I’m sure after sometime Kolkata you’ll be second home. What else do you need to study and live peacefully? Kolkata is the best place to study and live among all the cities of eastern India.

Poor Living Cost compare to other city

Bulk of students are coming from middle class family so for those cost of living play an impotent role for IAS/UPSC aspirants because being an student we have to live on the monthly pocket money given by the parents. In compared to other metro cities you’ll get all the student friendly options of the same qualities in a very affordable cost. As we know getting a IAS/UPSC post is not an overnight task. It takes years to clear such examinations. So, you must choose your option accordingly your budget .

Rich history of Kolkata

Kolkata has always been a leader in providing finest quality of education in India since the time of pre-independence phase. In West Bengal every kind of education is always encouraged. So, you can get unlimited number of fooding and lodging option as a student.

Availability of Materials-

Asia’s largest book market is in College Street , Kolkata. Here you can get any kind of book related ti IAS/UPSC examination at a very affordable price. Sometimes we want to buy a book but later we don’t buy that because of the high price. But in college street book market you can buy reselled books at a very minimum price. Apart from that Jadavpur, Sealdah are two very popular places among the students because of cheapest xerox, printing services.

Government Support

UPSC exam is the most popular examination among all the students and parents from all over the country. To support the aspirants from West Bengal our honourable chief minister Smt. Mamata Banerjee has started UPSC examination coaching/training centre with hostel facility at a very minimum cost. You can easlity understand that how supportive culture is there in Bengal for UPSC examination.

Un-compromised Education-

If you think that in Kolkata you won’t get quality of education like Delhi, Hyderabad or Bengaluru then let me bust the myth of you. Renowned faculties from these cities come to coaching centres of kolkata to deliver lectures. Kolkata is a well connected by city by air, train and road. So you shouldn’t be worried about the quality of educated.

Digitised Education-

Ed tech sector is growing at a very rapid speed right now. With the help of the latest digital technologies the coaching of Kolkata arrange live classes of reputed teachers across the country. If you want extra knowledge of the syllabus you can even opt for postal study material option. You can get all kind study materials from reputed institutes irrespective of all parts in India.

So, before you decide to for any place to study UPSC/IAS exam , think of the factors mentioned above. Because we all know that clearing these competitive exams take years of time.

KavishIAS | The Best IAS Coaching Centre in Kolkata

Now, if you come to Kolkata first you must be searching for the best IAS/UPSC coaching Centre in Kolkata. And trust me this is not an easy task. To save your precious time we have picked such a institute in Kolkata- KavishIAS. This civil service coaching centre is located near Garia in Kolkata.

You can reach KavishIAS easily by train, metro and bus. Apart from that their spciality is they offer you 2 free demo classes along with their regular existing students. This proves that their transparency of management.

By that you can get the clear overview of their quality lectures. For any further kind of assistance they have dedicated mentors who will be your constant companion through this long journey. The management of Kavish IAS thinks of the holistic development irrespective of just a give and take relation. That’s why they offer hostel facility too!!!

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