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  1. Complete coverage of all subjects for Banking & SSC Exam
  2. Special Classes for Interview by Banking and SSC Experts
  3. Most experienced faculties
  4. Questions based on latest pattern
  5. Special classes for individual subjects
  6. Special attention on Advanced Maths ( Trigonometry, Mensuration and Allgebra) for SSC
  7. Special Doubt clearing session
  8. Descriptive English class for SBI
  9. Mock tests
  10. Bilingual Classes available

What Students Are Saying About Us

Kavish IAS is one of the best Civil Service Coaching Institute in Kolkata. This Institute has the best faculties who not only provides us with study material but guides us how to deal with day to day life. They have a good and an effective study method which helped me to focus on my studies in a more innovative way. The faculties try their best to complete the syllabus even if we have any queries regarding any of the topics then they are there to explain it without any hesitation. It's been 4 months now since I have joined Kavish I can really say that it's one of the best Institute to join in for even in this pandemic situation they are providing us with all the study material as in pdfs links. Abhishek Sir and Avantika Ma’am helps us to improve our essay writing skills which would help us in further exams and test. I am very grateful to Kavish Institute for shaping me to become an aspirant and making me capable to achieve my goals.

Simmi Jahan

Kavish IAS, IAS Coaching in Kolkata has proved to be a very promising institution to me. It showed me a wide view to my preparation for IAS and most importantly shaped my mindset towards focused and achievable targets. With their constant motivation and guidance, I was able to identify the potential that was numb within me and needs just a little bit of oiling. I honestly feel that this institution doesnot make us believe in some fictitious goal that in the long run is quite an absurd fact to achieve. Rather it asks us to work slowly and steadily on our weaker sections and make daily targets that are quite achievable and thus doesnot let our morale go down. I am really grateful to my fate for introducing me to such a cordial and well communicative institution where student can freely give rise to their questions and get satisfied by great ideas and answers from very knowledgeable and well spoken mentors

Shreyosi Dey

One of the best coaching centre for UPSC. As I am an IAS aspirant I joined there and I am getting that guidance which an IAS aspirant should get . The mentors are always motivating us by providing online classes ( because of the pandemic ), Answer writing leagues, news articles , assignments and many more. They also provide us with the books which we need to study for the exams. They also give importance to student's writing skills which is very important for the Mains exam. And nodoubt Kavish is very helpful in this matter. I am glad that I joined Kavish and very thankful to the mentors of the Kavish who is consistently guiding and motivating us

Shraddha Roy

The best thing about this institute is Abhishek sir and ma’am they r the best person who not only support in studies but also support in all the phases of life motivates us in all ups and downs and sir always says we want result from each and every one here and they work so hard to prove this. And talking about faculties here they are the best who explains each and every topic in detail and solves all the doubt be it indian polity sir or history sir. Institute provide us answer writing practice frm the first week itself after joining this institute. Even this institute provides lectures on subjects like science & technology, IR etc. Feel so gald to be a part of this institute

Jamal Ahmed

Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart",says Bennett. Kavish IAS is not only the best institute in Kolkata but also works in the moto 'converting possibilities inti realities'. The exemplary work of the management is extremely helpful and friendly. Here the bud like opportunity grows into grandeur flower of success everyday. The knowledgeable faculties are like becon of light and extremely motivating young aspirants. The daily answer writing session and MCQ questions are very enthralling and keep us focused. Information provided in the material are simply incredible and cannot be intervened in mere few words. Guiding us to travel in the rocky terrain through valleys and tunnels, mentors here are the best. Kavish IAS is helping every young sampling to become the best tree in the garden

Xclara Kar

Kavish, without any second thought , is the best place to prepare for civil services exams, UPSC to be exact. The online classes amid this pandemic are very interactive, informative and also the contents discussed were unbelievably accurate and the same questions came in 2021 mains GS papers mainly from GS1 where 80% questions were common. The quality of education kavish provides , not only builds up an aspirant's base but also provides confidence . The daily news zone ,specially provided by Kavish, is another efficient platform to prepare for the current affairs. Kavish also provides the mains answer writing practice 2-3 times a week with the main objective "be mains ready before giving prelims" .This practice is crucial for developing the skills required in this exam. Overall my experience with Kavish is already stated in my above review. To be short I will definitely continue with them till I reach my goal

Agniswar Banerjee

Kavish is one of the worth institution in Kolkata to start preparations for civil services. I like to advice the aspirants who are going for civil services to join Kavish. Because I have learnt a lot of things from this institution and the facilities are really very helpful and guideable they guide their students in such a manner that it is fruitful for every student's I have learnt the time making procedure for studies which will help the students for preparation in upsc and to examine their studying quality. They also taught us that how to make maximum outcome with minimum efforts and smart studies which is very necessary for civil services. The style of preparation is also very effective. Sir and ma'am are also very leneant and they try to understand students problems and guide them on that way. So I am really grateful that I am student of Kavish IAS. And I am glad to ba a part of Kavish family

Sayanta Das

KAVISH is one of the best institution for preparing UPSC/ IAS In Kolkata. Kavish IAS will provide you with the best faculties, best study materials. The guidance is just very good and too much beneficial. They are always there whenever we need them to clear our doubts. Though UPSC is very much vast and some of us get a bit nervous after knowing the syllabus but believe me, Kavish IAS will guide you and provide you with those materials only which are really needed in UPSC. They will never give you extra burden. All the subject faculties are very good. And I am very much profited with their lectures and notes. Kavish will really teach you how to write answers. In one word Kavish IAS is really the best with friendly environment. Thank you

Saugandha Chakraborty

Kavish IAS is a genuinely reliable coaching institute, which provides us with each and every detail needed for civil service exams. The mentors not only cover the topics related to our syllabus but they also keep us updated with the current affairs. They give us huge mental strength and support, which is very rare in other institutes. All the study materials are provided to us through pdfs, books or links. We are given regular homeworks, which help us to practice and revise in a better way. The mentors clear our doubts with zero hesitation and they also give us idea about what we should study and how we should study. I could not have started my preparations in such a focused manner without Kavish. Thank you Kavish

Soumili Dutta

Kavish IAS

Corporate Office

First Floor CL Bhawan,
56/2 Hazra Road, Dover Terrace,
Ballygunge, Kolkata-700019
West Bengal
+91 8789245158 , +918017756589

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What demotivates aspirants is the idea that at least 4-5 attempts are a must to qualify UPSC CSE EXAMS. This is absolutely incorrect. It’s true that this exam demands time to prepare but that’s not more than 2 to 3 years. It’s a learning process where you will make multiple mistakes and so, would need time to rectify them too. Most aspirants do not realise this fact and waste their attempts with inadequate preparation, which in turn, demotivates them. So, you need a mentor to guide you in this journey and tell you WHEN TO START and HOW TO START your preparation. Also before knowing what to study an aspirant has to first know WHAT NOT TO STUDY in this era of overflooded information around us. This is where the role of a Mentor becomes all the more important so that you do not waste your crucial time reading unnecessary content.
Aspirants often have a misconception that at least 13-14 hours a day must be given to this exam. Again, this is not true. UPSC preparation is journey of not only gathering knowledge, but also of overall character and personality development. So, if you utilise 13-14 hrs a day only in studying, you won’t get time to interact with the outside world and evolve properly and this wouldn’t help in the training process. Diligent engagement of 5-6 hrs a day would be enough for the preparation and that’s why KAVISH IAS suggests its students to start planning from their graduation only, as regular practice will definitely help you reach your goal.
Many Institutes recommend starting UPSC preparation from 6th standard NCERT books and go through graduation level textbooks, which is not true. Also, the aspirant is prescribed to go through the entire newspaper every day. Reading so much of hefty content on a daily basis is a tedious and boring job to do. Such misconceptions only waste the aspirant’s valuable time and money. Each individual is different and accordingly he/she should be suggested where to start from. Coming to current affairs, news reading and its analysis is a skill that needs to be taught in the beginning, and with time the aspirant can himself decide what to read and how to read. Analysing and jotting down the essentials becomes easy for the student after a few months.
Another myth that students fear is that ‘UPSC IS DIFFICULT AND ONLY IIT OR TOP COLLEGE GRADUATES CAN CRACK IT ’. UPSC is open for graduates from every stream and doesn’t prefer anyone based on his/her background. So if you are willing to dedicate your time in this preparation, you can surely succeed in this exam with a good rank.