UPSC has been considered as 2nd toughest exam of the World

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UPSC – Union Public Service Commission was formed under British rule to recruit the finest talents of India for the civil service job. In a developing country like India, civil service exam has gained immense popularity over decades. This exam is not only an ordinary government exam it is the gateway to establish your social identity. Topmost respected and powerful offices of Government of India are conducted by bureaucrats. 

These bureaucrats are appointed by qualifying UPSC examination. One UPSC qualified candidate exercises high power after getting appointments. From district magistrate to foreign high commission, Assistant commandant of military to CBI officer every top post is filled up UPSC qualified candidates. So, you can easily imagine the social respect and glamour of that officer in our society. Even salary wise these officers are top ranked among all other civil services in India. But honestly speaking these posts are in demand because of the power of the position. And we all know money can’t buy power. 

UPSC has been considered as 2nd toughest exam of the World

Every year 5 to 6 lakhs students applies for the exam after the advertisement. This exam consist three stages – preliminary exam, mains exam, and interview. After interview approx 900 to 1200 candidates are selected. Then they are sent to various academies for 1 year training like Police Training Academy in Hyderabad for IPS cadres, Civil Service academy in Dehradoon for IAS cadres etc before job posting. So, from this statistics one can easily imagine competition level of the examination. It is the most sought after examination of India. 

Now, you can imagine the robust infrastructure, proven strategy by academic guides, lucid instructions by teachers these things are most needed to qualify this exam.  To get all these things in one place is not an easy thing to do. A perfect coaching centre guides you throughout the journey and each of the steps mentioned above should be well structured. Only a veteran academician can nurture a candidate to make him successful in journey of upsc. 

If you ask the syllabus of UPSC then the answer is everything comes under the sun is the syllabus f upsc. You have to study from world history to world geography, from latest technical advancement to environmental science which seems quite a herculian task for most of the aspirants. But there is a good news. 

If mentors can properly summarize the syllabus then it will be a lesser difficult task for a candidate. Apart from that we should keep in mind that upsc preparation is a long time process, in this phase a candidate needs a lot of motivation also. Most of the cases if teachers play the role of a motivator then confidence of the student get increased. 

If you are an aspirant from Kolkata then you should choose a coaching centre which has the qualities mentioned above.  To you make your searching task easy we have picked up a coaching centre that has all advantages mentioned above.

KavishIAS established just 2 years before but surprisingly from the very first period of inception they are performing very well. Their visiting faculties are from Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru are the most in demand teachers of the respective subjects.  They offer you free demo classes with their regular students which proves their 100% credibility unlike other UPSC coaching centres. You interact with their existing students. 

The location of the centre is an added advantage because they located in Garia connected by metro, railway and bus. Students even from near districts can return their home after attending classes which reduces their cost of living in Kolkata. Being a comparatively new brand they offer the lesser fees which you will not get in other coaching centres in Kolkata. 

Now, if you are not from Kolkata, which coaching centre to choose. To lesser your worries out experts have made a list of highly reviewed coaching centers city wise. 

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